Larry S – “It’s so easy to talk to Miranda about personal things which I would have a hard time discussing with anyone else. It’s somehow just OK to talk to her and once the words are out there out loud, issues become much clearer (solutions are a little harder). I have been seeing her for many years and I still have problems, but I understand them better and know where my efforts are best-directed. The actual office is comfortable and convenient and has plenty of parking.” 

Pat M – “Miranda is a fabulous therapist!  Our entire family benefited from her expertise and her ongoing support has been invaluable!  We highly recommend her as you will not find a more compassionate and caring therapist!” 

Vincent M – “Miranda is a truly caring and thoughtful professional. She is understanding and non-judgmental. She doesn’t “take sides”. She is incredibly accommodating -once even seeing us till 10:30 at night! She made ++ difference in all our lives and strikes a good balance between the need for medical intervention, where her referral was superb, and therapy sessions with her.”


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