Couples Therapy


Couples often seek therapy when they feel distant and disconnected and are in conflict, but are unsure of how to reconnect or improve their communication. The stress of poor or unresolved communication can lead to a variety of problems including hurt, anger, withdrawal, substance abuse and possibly even infidelity. I work to help couples open their lines of communication through understanding themselves, and their partner in a way that leads to deeper, more honest and authentic conversation. Being trained in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) gives me the tools to help distant couples become closer.

In the couples therapy, patterns of interactions are identified through the lens of Attachment Theory. This way of working focuses on helping couples develop strategies for listening, understanding and responding to each other. The goal is to work towards creating a shift in emotional responses and resulting interactions. 

I believe that understanding the human condition from an attachment perspective is the best way to work on past and present struggles while gaining deeper insight into oneself and the relationship.

Family history is critical for each individual to understand so that the couples dynamic makes sense and can be shifted.


Front Cover
Book by John M. Gottman

Counters conventional wisdom about marriage and divorce, providing curative techniques and describing how marital satisfaction is not the key to marital stability, emotional divorce precedes actual divorce, and arguing can be a healthy sign. …


Front Cover
Book by Esther Perel

A New York Times Best Seller
In Mating in Captivity, psychotherapist Esther Perel tackles the paradox of modern love. She explores why it’s hard to want what you already have, even in the most committed and loving relationship. …


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